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Services Provided

Charles Pearson Associates provides a range of services to hospitals and health systems throughout the United States. Specific capabilities are concentrated in the following technical areas:

  1. Conducting focused operations analyses of hospital-based physicians' services in anesthesiology, emergency medical services, pathology, radiology as well as hospital medicine and critical care medicine for the purpose of determining appropriate physician productivity, staffing, and compensation levels;
  2. Determining an institution's specific needs for numbers and types of physicians with medical administrative responsibilities (e.g., Chiefs of Services, Departmental, and/or Program Medical Directors) as well as their appropriate staffing and compensation levels;
  3. Conducting Fair Market Value Analyses of physicians' services. This includes clinicians in any specialty as well as physicians serving in various medical director roles;
  4. Determining the relative need for subsidizing individual physicians or physician groups;
  5. Developing and assisting in the implementation of a Performance Accountability System for contracted or employed physicians including:
    • Redefining roles, responsibilities and accountability/reporting relationships of physicians and those with medical administrative responsibilities and incorporating them into formal position descriptions;
    • Developing performance standards and criteria for the above-referenced positions;
    • Developing performance review systems for the various medical administrative positions;
    • Recommending and/or developing physician compensation systems including incentive compensation programs where warranted;
    • Assisting in revising and/or developing model written agreements with physicians and developing a process for timely monitoring and updating of these agreements.
  6. Developing legal, cost-effective and politically feasible strategies, policies and compensation models for call-coverage of the emergency department;
  7. Determining appropriate and cost-effective clinical and staffing models for hospitalists' and/or intensivists' services;
  8. Developing Physician Manpower Plans for all clinical specialities;
  9. Serving as the hospital's agent or providing background support in negotiating physician contracts;
  10. Conducting regional and national surveys of pathologists' Part A compensation paid by hospitals; and,
  11. Conducting organizational, environmental, and cost/benefit analyses of Graduate Medical Education (Residency Training) programs and assisting in adapting them to the strategic objectives of their sponsoring hospitals as well as current funding realities.

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