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About Us

Charles Pearson Associates is a management consultancy that serves the specialized needs of hospitals and health systems across the United States. We offer professional analyses, advice and systems to improve the quality, cost-effectiveness and accountability of physician services provided by hospitals, health systems and Accountable Care Organizations.

Please contact me personally to learn how we can improve the overall operating effectiveness of your organization's services.

The Advantage

I believe there are definite qualitative advantages to the clients from a consultancy which has made a conscious decision to remain small, devoting its resources to service improvement rather than internal organizational growth. Such advantages over large firms include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Improved staff continuity on projects;
  • Tighter project management and quality control;
  • Much lower consulting "overhead"; and,
  • Minimal need for "clients training the consultants".

What to Expect

In conducting assignments for our clients, we utilize a highly disciplined approach which includes extensive project planning, delivery of specific results at project milestones, and systematic monitoring of performance against the project's Scope of Activities as well as cost and time requirements.

By relating closely to our clients' needs and their staff, our objective is not only to provide practical solutions to the issues at hand but to maximize our effectiveness by transferring knowledge and skills to the client's staff whenever feasible. In addition, client personnel contribute their knowledge and ideas and become receptive to required change.

Each project is staffed with the appropriate consultant or team of consultants to match the requirements of the client. Other than Mr. Pearson, presently any consultant working with the firm is an independent sub-contractor and not an employee of Charles Pearson Associates.

Before undertaking an engagement, I meet or otherwise communicate with client executives to develop a plan for carrying out the work. Before a contract is signed, we agree on the objectives of the project, the scope of activities to be undertaken, and the results and benefits to be achieved.

Each project is conducted in an atmosphere of openness and cooperation to avoid surprises in our findings and recommendations. Questions and concerns are fully discussed with the client before specific recommendations are made. Since we believe that consulting assignments are usually most successful when the recommended strategies or actions are implemented, we prefer to structure our engagements, when warranted, to work with the client in the implementation stages to ensure the desired results. It is our operating policy that all client engagements are conducted directly by or under the direct supervision of Charles Pearson, and that no project be initiated unless an appropriate amount of Mr. Pearson's time can be committed to the assignment.

In carrying out our consulting activities, our consultancy adheres to the Code of Ethics/Standards of Conduct adopted by the American Association of Healthcare Consultants.

History of the "Associates" Affiliation

You may be interested in the "Associates" affiliation in the company name. During the first eighteen years of the firm's existence, Charles Pearson utilized a small cadre of seasoned and highly regarded health care executives and clinicians who provided their expertise on a small percentage of projects undertaken (5% to 10%). These "associates" served as independent contractors to Charles Pearson, hence the firm's name "Charles Pearson Associates." These professionals included: physician executives; former hospital CEOs, COOs and CFOs; hospital-based physicians including anesthesiologists, emergency physicians, pathologists and radiologists; and, nurse anesthetists (CRNAs).

For the next ten-plus years, Charles Pearson was the sole consultant of Charles Pearson Associates. The word "Associates" was kept in the Company's name because of its national familiarity (approximately 170 clients in 37 states) and the Pathologists' Part A Compensation surveys conducted among approximately 4,000 hospitals in all 50 states. Since the beginning of fiscal year 2009, I have begun using (contracting with) "Associates" again, as needed on a project-by-project basis.



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